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Publicerat 25.03.2018 18:19 av sondagsklubben


Battle of the Titens (Cancelled)


Event has been cancelled due to a dark force (COVID-19) removing all competition.


A courier has arrived in the court of DaTe, bearing a message:

Dear DaTe,
It is my privilege to invite you to the glorious battlefields of Titeenit. Titeenit (or Battle of the Titens) is the annual gathering of all IT-teekkaris (teknologer) of Finland, this year organized in Tampere.
The main idea of this clash of the cities is to find which one will emerge victorious. There will be different acts of valour to determine the victor.
The date for all this is 20.3.-22.3. and we will provide you indoor accommodation without beds, so own travel mattresses or something similar is strongly encouraged.
Fighters' attire usually consists here of overalls and teekkaricap, but any deviation is okay.
To any brave souls willing to partake in this grand battle, enter your name below!

Det finns 70 platser


  1. Albin
  2. Kasper Renlund
  3. William
  4. André
  5. Robert
  6. Daniulf Ölfager
  7. Diza Donkerofader
  8. Jimny
  9. Joel Öhrling
  10. Henrik
  11. HekeDoggyDogg
  12. Antti
  13. Max Sirén
  14. Janina Heikkala
  15. Jeans Sabelius
  16. Irenius Åbrannus
  17. Jonas Fellman
  18. Erik Haajanen
  19. Hanna Liman

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